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Do you need to find city, state, or county court records fast? now is the top court records finder service for your online investigation tasks.   Since 1999, it has been compiling and organizing information with it's comprehensive databases for consumer use.   With this service you can easily obtain information on practically anyone about anything. offers more than 25,000 data sources of information from around the world, but of coarse specializing in US records. offers an efficient and thorough database.  It also has an extensive online FAQ and video tutorials for customer support.


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   Ease of Use: 5 stars

The user interface at court records is fairly easy to use which allows you to quickly access thousands of online records.  The detailed data that the team at has gathered is very well organized, this allows you to save time and helps you to find out exactly what you want to know without all hassles.  This tool is especially effective when it comes to investigating criminal activity. Studies show that out of all of the searches that are available with this tool criminal background checks are the most highly accessed. This is why the people at have paid particular attention to their criminal activity database.

   Customer Support: 5 stars

Court Records does well in this area. They have an 800 number for customer service that directs their customers to an extensive online FAQ and a online help tickets section where a live person responds to your inquires. We have not heard of any problems with their services as of yet, customers have been very satisfied with the results for many years!.

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5.00 Stars

Court Record Finder has an very efficient and easy to use user interface (easier than when it was under the Court Records name).  This site is most useful with regards to online background checks, whether it be for criminal, civil, employment, or what have you.  It is also useful if you  need to do a federal, state, or county background check as well (really there are just too many to mention here).  If you  have any of these background check needs than is clearly one of the best choices for your background check needs.

With their very extensive and diverse search database Court Records is clearly the top Background check resource tool in the industry.

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Additional Information: allows you to lookup Court Records and background check information about people in the United States, Canada, and the UK. There are over 25,000 Data Sources Nationwide.

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