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Verify Records

Background Report 360 is now Verify  Records.  There user interface is definitely hard to beat. And if you need to do a criminal record check than this might be for you. They boast the ability to do many other types of searches for example: name check searches, with alias sir made names; address history of a person; reverse phone lookups; email a ddress searches; spouse and/or roommate locator.  All sorts of criminal checks for example: city, state, and nationwide criminal checks, as well as arrests,, warrants misdemeanors, and felonies. You can also check DUI's and criminal driving violations. This is just a list some of the search features that you can do with background report 360.

 Features4 stars

Verify Records does have a ton of features, they can do almost the same variety of searches that can be done with, but the database is a bit smaller. They do guarantee their searches though it’s worth a try.

Ease of Use: 5 stars

Verify Records scores the highest when it comes to ease-of-use. Since they are newer to the game than some of the older background check services their interface is newer. This thing is a breeze to use and you get your information quick as well.

Customer Support: 4 stars

They provide a standard support ticket arrangement to take care of any of your questions or complaints.


Our Research on
Verify Records Suggests:

Verify Records
Overall Score:
4.62 stars

Verify Records has a great interface and is stocked with a ton of search features as well. Really my only concern is on the depth of the searches that they provide. I have noticed that some people have had questions about this. That’s why is still the number choice.

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Verify Records

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