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Would you like to have access to court records quickly and easily? (now Info Tracer) combines a multitude of various records such as civil judgments, bankruptcies, liens, as well as federal/criminal records to provide you a comprehensive court records report. Info Tracer is literally heads and shoulders above the competition with regards to user interface, database size, and customer service. Add to that the very low entry price to access the service you have the ingredients for a great user experience.

Features5 Stars

Check Known Aliases
Check Sex Offender Check
Check Felonies and Misdemeanors
Check Federal Criminal Records
Check Mug Shots When Available
Check Age/Date of Birth
Check Nationwide Criminal Check
Check Bankruptcies
Check Liens and Judgments
Check State Criminal Records
Check Criminal Driving Violations
Check Arrests and Convictions
Check Warrant Information
Check Incarcerations
Check Sex Offender Records
Check Convictions (Law)
Check Misdemeanors
Check Felonies
Check Inmate Records
Check Police Files
Check Convictions and Incarcerations
Check Date of Birth
Check Address History
Check Area Sex Offender Data
Check Phone Numbers
Check Spouse/Roommates
Check Email Addresses
Check List of Possible Associates
Check Criminal Record
Check List of Neighbors
Check Civil Filings and Civil Actions
Check List of Relatives
Check Misdemeanors and Felonies
Check Alias/Maiden Name Check
Check Arrests and Warrants
Check Property Ownership
Check Probation Records
Check DUI

Criminal Background Record Check


 Ease of Use:5 Stars

We may sound like a broken record but fact is. the ease of use for this service is off the charts.. It is easily the most modern user interface of any other service on the internet today.

 Customer Support: 5 Stars

We have been evaluating these type of services for years and have to say that Info Tracer has the highest level of customer support over any other service. Customer service and support are definitely their strong suit! When you call their 800 call center number you can actually talk to a person to answer your questions!


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Info Tracer Suggests:

Info Tracer
Overall Score:

4 Stars
4.87 Stars

This service was constructed from the ground up using the very latest in online background database search technology. Irregardless of the type of search you want to do Info Tracer can do it. They are also the best with regards to price and customer service as well.

PS: It only costs the price of a hamburger to get started!

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Additional Information:

With over 3 billion records Info Tracer’s instant nationwide search system allows for unlimited look ups and accesses data from multiple databases to compile the most comprehensive reports.

Criminal Background Check


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