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Real Life Experience Showing Why Checking
Someone's Past Can Be Useful

Let me relate to you a real life example*.  I have a very close friend who didn't choose well in the spouse or shall we say finding a mate department. My friend’s last husband was a criminal. Ouch!  Now if she had done her homework and utilized a reverse background check service, the best being Court, her life would have been a whole lot better than it is today.

Really, with just a few clicks of a mouse, she would have been able to quickly learn how to find any type of city, county, or state records that she would have needed.  Personal records, court records, criminal records or really any type of background information that she might have been looking for.  She would have been much better off and $200,000.00 richer as well!

Yes information research tools are essential when you feel that it would be in your best interest to run a personal records check to help you find some need to know information.

(* This is a real like example, not fake!  No names of course.)

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  • Written Reviews for Government records, criminal background check, genealogy Research etc. - See Reviews

  • Several Tips on how to do a Check a Background for Free - Below

  • We have an extensive list of just some of the possible people searches, record searches and really any number of background checks that you might need
    to perform
    - Below

  • Quick Review Chart - Below

Court Records Search


Quick Review Chart

Site Name
1 Star
Record Finder has the most detailed and in depth database in the industry. This is especially true when it comes to doing any type of background check especially criminal background checks. So if you need a specific background check that has to do with court, state, county, or even city public records, then this is definitely the service for you. 

One thing that makes this change from to better is that their search does a COMPLETE search and then tells you what came up. With Court Records. you had do do several EXTRA searches to find out all of the details and that would cost more money in the long run! So in other words the new format with will save you money when you are doing your background check searches!

But what I really like is that you can see the age and even a partial address of the person, and all of that is FREE. (That is before you may anything!)

(UPDATED For Spring 2019)

NOTICE: For your information is now

New Look Same Great Service
With Lower Prices
2 has taken the background research sector by storm. In all of our years of reviewing records checking services (since 2008) have we never seen a service that is so user friendly and easy to use. Customer satisfaction is high with eVerify probably due to the fact that they have a functional customer service department.

Additionally, they give you access to several types of research tools including being able to do reverse cell phone lookups (See list Bellow). They have an extensive list of services as you can see by the list below, and you have access to them by way of their monthly service.

Example Search: You start out performing a reverse cell phone lookup and then you get a name. After this you run the name and find out that the person has a record. That's two searches for only one monthly price, and you might do that several times per month! Your friends will think that you are a private investigator.

(UPDATED For Spring 2019)


For Specific Types of Searches
CLICK One of The Links Below



Visit Site

Report 360

Background report 360 has moved up in rankings. They have extensive features and a very modern user interface. The database size is good and the range and types of searches that you can do is impressive. This is a very powerful research tool especially for searching arrest records. So if you are especially concentrating on running a criminal background check then this is definitely a very good tool for you to use.


VeriSpy is a new comer to the background check industry but they have all of the tools and offer good customer service.   Court Record Finder is still better in this regards. However, having said that Verispy still seems to be a good tool for the money.

We just need to see a bit of a track record before we can pass the final judgment "Review" on VeriSpy...

As of January 2016 reviews are mixed. Some like it and get benifits from it but others just so so.

Updated for Spring 2019


Food For Thought: If you are like most people time is money. Now you might be able to obtain some of the record search information for free, it is unlikely that the information that you find would be adequate for your needs. Additionally, you have to calculate the cost of your time and efforts both now and for future searches. This is why it is vital for you to find the best people finder tool for your record searching needs.


Court Records Search


 Why Are These Products Worth the Money? 
Why Should You Buy Them?

So then, after you have found the best research tool for checking a persons personal records, you will then have access to databases that are used by the government, law enforcement and private investigators. You will have instant access to find any information that you need regarding the person in question. This includes but is not limited to lost family members, friends, and really any others who might be missing! Additionally, uncover potential information about them that you never knew existed, yes even before that first date!

You can do a criminal record check or really any other type of information search that you need to do on a person. The great thing about this that you don't have to hire a private investigator, you can do all of these different background checks right from your home computer..

The best people finder research tools have to charge for the services that they render. Why? Impart, this is due to the fact that they are also charged a fee for the searches that you make using their premium public locator databases. Your membership fee simply helps to pay for the usage of those premium people search databases.  So as you can see a fee is both necessary and affordable.

First choose the best tool for your type of search by reading our review pages. After which proceed to the record finder site of your choice and then sign up. It is that simple.

After You Log in To Your
Background Check Service Account
You Will Be Able To Conduct
These Searches Below

• Criminal Record
• Inmate Record
• Arrest Record
• Absconder Record
• Jail Record
• Parolee Record
• Most Wanted Criminal
• Mug shots
• Missing Adults & Children
• Court Record
• DUI Records
• DWI Records
• People background check

• Sentencing Files
• Find Court & Criminal Records of Inmates Serving Time
• Criminal Search
• Court Record Search
• Inmate Record Search
• National Arrest & Court Warrants
• Criminal history and criminal report.
• Nationwide arrest & police records.
• Research convictions, court records, and court cases.
• Research court docket numbers, criminal convictions.
• Lookup incarceration and prisoner files
• Virtually all types of finder people services
• Public background check


Search for Friends and Family

• Death Record Search
• Marital Record Search
• Old Marriage Records for Your Family History
• Death Records of Your Ancestors
• Civil Record Search
• Bankruptcy Record Search
• Census Record
• Current Address
• Old Address
• Their Mapping Location
• Driving Directions
• Email Search
• SSN Search
• Their Relatives & Parents
• Marriage Records
• Death Records
• Criminal Background check
• Addresses
• Phone Numbers
• Location info
• Background check services
• His/Her Background Information

• Birth Record Search
• Address Search
• Marriage Record Search
• Obituary Search
• Cemetery Search
• Death Record Search
• List of Relatives with Addresses
• Age/Date of Birth
• Alias/Maiden Name
• Possible Neighbors
• Marriages/Divorces
• Death Index Check
• Family Tree
• Long Lost Ancestors
• Missing Family History
• Search for Relatives
• Look up Complete family history research and reports.
• Look for lost people, family, friends, and relatives.
• Search Missing People and Children
• Find Death Records and Obituaries
• Instant background report
• Online background check


Conduct Business and Civil Searches

• Search Civil Records
• Find persons Census Records
• Search Businesses and Bankruptcies
• Lookup Civil and Census Records
• Access important small claims and judgments files.
• Real Estate: property deeds & titles.
• Search professional investigative databases
• Property Records
• Federal & State Tax Liens
• Federal & Civil Judgments
• Federal & State Bankruptcies
• Property Ownership
• Business information and records
• Criminal Background check services

Search County Public Records
(Here are just some of the County Public Records that you can search)

cuyahoga county
broward county
pinellas county
maricopa county
escambia county
harris county
pasco county
montgomery county ohio
lorain county
palm beach county
hillsborough county
king county
santa rosa county
erie county
cuyahoga county
orange county florida
ada county
tarrant county
dade county
orange county
bexar county
pima county
okaloosa county
hernando county
gregg county
duval county
cook county
los angeles county
collier county
escambia county alabama
manatee county
lee county
polk county
martin county
genesee county
sarasota county
seminole county
snohomish county
volusia county
mobile county
miami county ohio
brevard county
mecklenburg county
alachua county
jefferson county alabama
riverside county
maricopa county
anderson county sc
hamilton county
wake county
dallas county
clark county
clark county nevada
clark county ohio
baldwin county
suffolk county
darke county ohio
portage county
rowan county
trumbull county
alameda county
allegheny county
miami dade county
travis county
hennepin county
stark county
collin county
oklahoma county
jefferson county
snohomish county
gwinnett county
ramsey county
sacramento county

ventura county
walton county
bay county
brevard county florida
clay county
franklin county
fresno county
greenville county
guilford county
hillsborough county florida
lake county florida
luzerne county
nueces county
pierce county
santa clara county
santa rosa county
washoe county
wayne county
baldwin county alabama
coconino county
cook county illinois
horry county
lee county florida
tulsa county
contra costa county
lake county ohio
nassau county
brazoria county
chatham county
monroe county
cobb county
mahoning county
montgomery county
collin county texas
jackson county missouri
madison county alabama
pinal county
okaloosa county
san diego county
queens county
douglas county
kanawha county
marion county
san diego county
smith county
suffolk county ny
westmoreland county
el paso county
jackson county
monroe county florida
ogle county
beaver county pa
charlotte county
erie county ohio
forsyth county
indian river county
jefferson county missouri
johnson county kansas
johnson county
orange county california
orange county fl
perry county ohio free
polk county florida
richland county
st lucie county
union county
warren county ohio
adams county
anne arundel county
anoka county minnesota

clackamas county
duval county florida
mclennan county
medina county

montgomery county pa
montgomery county pennsylvania
osceola county
placer county
tulare county
broward county search
buncombe county
douglas county colorado
fulton county ga
fulton county
harris county texas
howard county
kane county illinois
lake county indiana
lake county
lane county
mohave county
nueces county
rock county wisconsin
boulder county
broward county fl
caledonia county vermont
dade county florida
dearborn county
la county
lucas county ohio
marion county florida
palm beach county florida
richland county ohio
rockingham county
shelby county
spokane county
stanislaus county county court
tippecanoe county
trumbull county ohio
york county sc
adams county colorado
dane county
dutchess county
escambia county florida
flagler county
gulf county
kitsap county
levy county
lucas county
madison county illinois
northampton county
oneida county
orange county fl search
santa rosa county florida
scioto county
seminole county florida
shasta county
volusia county florida


Here Are Several More Tips on
How To Check Criminal Backgrounds For Free

Before We Get Started:

It is good to keep in mind that paid record checking services exist for a reason,
the personal background information is sometimes difficult to find.
  Just keep in mind that with these free techniques may or may not be able to get the information that you are looking for.  

If after trying all of the free background check methods you are still not successful, than please feel free to try the very cost effective reverse records checking service that we have reviewed here at, and that is

Now Let’s Begin With Some Free Tips

Tip 1:   First Bookmark this site:

Tip 2: Now Collect As Much Information About The Person As Possible. 

Like For Example:

• First Name
• Middle Name or Initials
• Last Name
• Maiden and Married Last Names for Females
• Name of Ex Spouses
• Nickname
• Aliases
• High School that they attended
• Universities that they attended
• Military Service
• Their Hobbies
• Relatives
• Their Associates
• Their Friends
• Their Co-workers
• The City or State where they were born
• The City or State where they grew up
• Professional Background
• Universities Attended
• Military Service
• Professional Background
• Current and or Previous Addresses - Rented or Owned
• whether they rent or own a house
• Land line or Cell Phone Numbers
• Companies Worked For
• Organizations Involved With
• Businesses Owned
• Any Other Personal Information That You Know

Tip 3:   
Go To Your Preferred Search Engine And Type In Either of The Following:

Intext: “person’s name”
Intext: “person’s name” + “State”
Intext: “person’s name” + ”County”
Intext: “person’s name” + “City”
Intext: “person’s name” + “State”
Intext: “person’s name” + “Arrest Records”
Intext: “person’s name” + “Court Records”
Intext: “person’s name” + “Criminal Records”
Intext: “person’s name” + "Name of Company"
Intext: “person’s name” + "Name of Department"

Really any detail that you can think of...

you can even combine them as well

For Example:  Intext: “person’s name” + “State” + ”County” + “City”  + “Criminal Records”

Intext: “person’s name” + “State” + “City”  + "Name of Company" + "Name of Department"

Not The Results That You Were Looking For?

Tip 4:  Try Other Online Sites Like for example

You can try Craigslist if you are looking for someone To Do a Online Classified Search.

If you have an idea where the person that you are looking for lives, you can try posting a:
"Looking For Missing Person" or "Trying to Find Missing Person" classified ad on

In the Craigslist personal section there have been persons who have posted photos as well as the persons full names of people that they were looking for. This is a good, yet seldom used, place to start if you're trying to find someone.

Go to Craigslist and put a "looking for missing person" ad on , make sure to post it in cities or towns where someone who knows the person is likely to be located, like areas where they grew up or have lived previously.

Also, make sure not to post any compromising information about the person, like phone numbers or exact addresses.

Tip 5: Try The Social Networks

Just keep in mind that most of these have upgraded their privacy policies so you will probably just be spinning your wheels here.

Here Are Just some Social Networking Sites:

Tip 6: Try The Blog Networks Like


Some Have Had Success Searching in The Forums

Tip 7: You Can Try Searching The Forums at BoardTracker.Com (If the Site is Up)

What is nice about BoardTracker.Com is that you can search through 1000’s of forums all at once!


Tip 8: Search National Web sites in Doing Your Criminal Records Investigation

County and State Corrections Internet Sites:   This is usually a great resource to carry out a free criminal history check and locate prisoners in state prisons.

Federal Bureau of Prisons: This an additional resource that permits you to verify criminals records free of charge and search for inmates within the federal correctional systems.

National Sex Offender Registry: This permits you to carry out a countrywide investigation to find sex offenders.

After you have exhausted the possibility of trying to do a Criminal Records Check for Free, then feel free to return to

For a Small Fee You Can Begin a Quick Informative Background Search

Here you can use the best criminal record check service available.  We have put together a detailed review of this is the service that we believe to be the best background check service.

Other Important Searches You Can Perform

• Distinguishing Bodily Marks
• Bankruptcy Search
• Military Record Search
• Roommates and Associates
• Investigate a suspicious person or strange neighbor
• Find out if a molester lives near you
• Get sources for Social Security Records in any state
• Screen Potential Dates and Check Your Neighbors.
• Email Search by Name
• Identity Verification
• Unclaimed Funds
• Naturalization Records
• Reverse Email search
• Government records
• Online background check
• National background check
• Background check companies
• Pre employment background check
Has Maintained The #1Spot
They are Still Ranked
The Best Criminal Records Finder &
Background Check Service

Court Records Search


checkmark Court Record Finder
checkmark eVerify
checkmark Background Report 360

Court Record Finder

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